The Muslim Community Projects Directory is an online directory which lists a variety of social projects taking place in the UK community, serving both the Muslim community and society at large.

We realise there are some excellent, worthy projects in our community. Our vision is to get as many of these projects publicised widely to highlight the fantastic work our community is doing, to connect volunteers with projects, and to connect projects that might want to collaborate with one another.

It provides a central place for projects to be advertised, and allows potential volunteers to explore projects they are interested in helping with.

If you are involved in a social project and want to help publicise it and raise awareness in the community, the Muslim Community Projects Directory is a great place for you to publicise your community project.

If you are interested in volunteering for a project for a specific cause or in your area, the Muslim Community Projects Directory lists a range of voluntary opportunities for you to get involved.

You can search for projects on the projects page by category, location and keyword on the Projects page